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Injury screening and prevention is a fantastic option for athletes of all ages and skill levels. It pains us to see season-ending injuries and repetitive strains & sprains – especially when they can be prevented. We often see an influx of injuries at the start of pre-season, when athletes are deconditioned from their time off, or near the end of a season when they are fatigued. We empathize with those who wish to start a new, healthy, active hobby (pickleball anyone?), only to then suffer a significant injury and be forced to take time off.


A Doctor of Physical Therapy will put the patient through an extensive evaluation and series of sports-specific movements to assess areas of potential weakness. Upon completion of the assessment, your physical therapist will provide a detailed summary of their findings and walk you through an individualized program of preventative strengthening, mobility, and functional exercises.

After a few weeks of consistently following a preventative exercise program, the exercises should become less challenging. At this point, we will assess your progress and advance your exercise program.

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