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“My experience with Carly was the best PT experience I have ever had. She was very attentive to my shoulder injury and made me feel comfortable and safe the entire time. She listened to me and was incredibly thorough with my treatment plan. I felt like I was in the best possible hands the whole time. Highly recommend!”

-Rachel K.

“I suffer from chronic low back and neck pain and have been seeing Carly for over a year now. I’d previously tried injections and basic PT, but only Carly, with her needling techniques and intricate knowledge of human anatomy & function, was able to finally give me some relief. I trust her 100% and would recommend her to anyone. As a bonus she is also super friendly and easy to talk to.”


“Carly helped me navigate my first ACL rehab as a Division I athlete both physically and mentally. She was attentive to my concerns, including all of the mental barriers that come with a career-altering injury. She was flexible with scheduling, a thoughtful listener, and astute observer. She picked up on even the most minute details, and that truly made the difference in my recovery. Having Carly on your care team is truly a blessing and I was really lucky to have worked with her during an incredibly vulnerable time in my life.”

-Megan W.

“I went to physical therapy with Carly after an ACL repair and from my first appointment, she was welcoming and knowledgeable. While the recovery was challenging, she made me feel reassured & confident that I would get back on the field; physical therapy became something that I looked forward to and enjoyed making progress every session. With the busy schedule of a Division I student-athlete, she was always accommodating and made it easy for me to find time to come in. Carly went above and beyond to make sure that I came back stronger, and she’s the reason I was able to get back on the field for my last season of college soccer. I’m very grateful for all of her care and hard work – thank you!”

-Christine R.

“I have known Carly for several years as a colleague and friend. I sought her help after I gave birth to my first son. I was experiencing a significant amount of discomfort in my neck and upper back because of a difficult labor/birth and the demand of breastfeeding. Carly was instrumental in assisting in my recovery and providing me pain relief. She was educational, respectful, and understanding. Carly’s individualized approach to dry needling and exercise program was instrumental in my healing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a well thought out program to support themselves.”

-Jaime K.

“I worked with Carly during the most difficult stage of my life. I had three surgeries in 10 months, so she definitely had her work cut out for her. I was a freshman All-American the year prior and was then unable to play, so I was under a lot of stress. After the first few sessions my stress levels went down tremendously. I felt results from day one, and she made me feel comfortable. She taught me that recovering from injury is a lot more mental than I can imagine. She gave me countless exercises to do on my own and was easy to reach if I had questions. Her personality was the best part. It is easy to recover with somebody who is always positive and upbeat...I am truly thankful for my time with Carly.”

-Schadrac C.

“Why one should see Carly: 1) Listens – Able to hear my full story of concerns so that together she and I could put together a customized program towards recovery. 2) Comprehensive – She embraces the idea
of full body recovery, identifying with me and clients what is possible or optimal. 3) Perspective – Her optimism is infectious and helped tremendously in my ability to heal/recover. 4) Approach – She is a
wonderful combination of respect, compassion, kindness, skill/ability, and determination. I wholeheartedly believe in Carly’s ability to move an individual from disability to wellbeing. I have continued to seek her professional guidance and treatment over the years for varying sports, recreational, professional, or age-related concerns. She is an ideal physical therapist for any person seeking a professional who will partner with them on the journey to healing and recovery.”

-Anonymous, Nurse Practitioner

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carly as she helped me rehabilitate from two hip labral tear surgeries. As a former Division I Athlete, I have had the benefit of some of the best care possible. In my opinion, Carly is among the top physical therapists I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her care,
empathy, and dedication is world class.”


“I have had several physical therapy and Functional Dry Needling experiences with Carly, all which have been extremely positive. She was very informative and answered all my questions prior to treatment. Carly practices using all proper sanitation techniques, as well as COVID-19 precautions. After each session I experienced a significant decrease in symptoms, allowing for better mobility and ability to return to running. Whether it be Functional Dry Needling or manual therapy techniques, Carly was able to decrease my pain. I would highly recommend Carly Gellerman Physical Therapy services to anyone in need of Physical Therapy. She is one of the best therapists I have worked with for my injuries.”


“I have worked with Carly on multiple occasions to alleviate severe pain in my back. With each treatment, I have experienced a considerable improvement in my quality of life. After a month of being treated by Carly I can say without hesitation that this is the best I’ve felt in years. Having seen dozens of physical therapists over the years, spending thousands of dollars getting massages and other treatments, I can say without hesitation that Carly is the most professional, efficient, effective, and kind PT I’ve had the pleasure of working with... Thank you for the life-changing treatments and I’ll see you next week!”

-Nicholas C.

“My experience with Carly was absolutely fantastic. She is the reason why me and so many other women on my soccer team were able to get back onto the field in tip top shape...She was the most genuine, sincere, and caring physical therapist I’ve ever had...I spent a lot of time at PT and every time I went, Carly pushed me and really motivated me when times got difficult...I respect her and would recommend her to any person who truly wants to recover from any injury. She goes above and beyond for every patient she treats regardless of how major or minor their injury is...If you are lucky enough to have Carly as your physical therapist, you are in great hands.”

-Erika F.

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